Osijek center

The Osijek center was opened in 2011. In Osijek, we provide services of 3D CBCT diagnostics, digital orthopan, intraoral images, bite and occlusal images, recorded craniograms and cephalometric analyzes.

Center Osijek is a leading dental radiology center for Slavonia and provides services with 90% reduced radiation from classic imaging system.

It is not necessary to book an appointment and the images will be finished in 10 minutes.

Županijska 6, Osijek
Telefon: (031) 209 079

Working Hours
MON – FRI: 8:00-20:00
SAT: 8:00-14:00


  • Price list


    ServicePrice (HRK)
    Digital panoramic radiograph180,00
    Digital panoramic radiograph 1:1180,00
    Digital panoramic radiograph (senior citizens, students and children till 15 year)150,00
    Digital panoramic radiograph 1:1 (senior citizens, students and children till 15 year)150,00
    Digital image of a tooth40,00
    TMJ image200,00
    Maxillary sinus image200,00
    Maxilla (occlusion image)70,00
    Mandible (occlusion image)70,00
    Status (per radiograph)40,00
    Craniogram (teleradiograph) LL200,00
    Craniogram (teleradiograph) PA200,00
    Cephalometric analysis300,00
    Panoramic radiograph reissue100,00
    Intraoral image reissue20,00
    Panoramic radiograph 2D reading100,00
    CBCT ServicePrice (HRK)
    CBCT of 1 tooth300,00
    CBCT S field400,00
    CBCT M field600,00
    CBCT L/XL field800,00
    CBCT analysis M field400,00
    CBCT analysis S field200,00
    CBCT TMZ (unilateral / bilateral)400,00 / 600,00
    CBCT print on film 8*1050,00
    CBCT print on film 10*12100,00
    CBCT reissue100,00
    CBCT measurements200,00
    CBCT mandibular channel marking200,00