Zagreb Center – Ilica

Dr. Lauc Dental Imaging – Zagreb Center is located in Ilica 19, in the very center of Zagreb: just several minutes from the main square.

If you come by car, you can park in nearby public garages: Ilica 45 or Tuškanac (5-minute walk), or Petrinjska 59 (10-15-minute walk).

Dr. Lauc Dental Imaging in Ilica 19 has the longest tradition and has been operating in the same location since 1988. We were the first to introduce digital images and 3D CBCT diagnostics both in Zagreb and in Croatia, and we have the longest experience in making 3D tooth images. In 2012, we held a dozen professional meetings to educate numerous doctors of dental medicine in working with 3D images.

All procedures are performed by radiology technicians who have finished education on handling radiographic devices and radiation safety lasting several months.

Ilica 19, Zagreb
Phone: (01) 48 33 443

Working Hours:
MON – FRI:  8:00-20:00
SAT: 9:00-14:00

Price list


ServicePrice (HRK)
Digital panoramic radiograph200,00
Digital panoramic radiograph 1:1200,00
Digital image of a tooth50,00
TMJ image200,00
Maxilla (occlusion image)70,00
Mandible  (occlusion image)70,00
Status (per radiograph)50,00
Craniogram (teleradiograph) LL200,00
Craniogram (teleradiograph) PA200,00
Cephalometric analysis300,00
LL + cephalometric analysis500,00
Panoramic radiograph reissue100,00
Intraoral image reissue20,00
Panoramic radiograph 2D reading100,00
Maxillary sinus image200,00
CBCT ServicePrice (HRK)
CBCT of 1 tooth300,00
CBCT S field400,00
CBCT M field600,00
CBCT of upper and lower dental arch600,00
CBCT L/XL field800,00
CBCT analysis M field400,00
CBCT analysis S field200,00
CBCT TMZ (unilateral / bilateral)400,00 / 600,00
CBCT print on film 8*1050,00
CBCT print on film 10*12100,00
CBCT reissue100,00
CBCT measurements200,00
CBCT mandibular channel marking200,00