About us

Najduža tradicija, najpreciznije snimke i najmanje zračenje… 

Dr Lauc Dental Imaging  has the longest tradition, the most precise imaging and the lowest radiation levels. We perform digital panoramic imaging, digital and analogue imaging of individual teeth, craniography for orthodontic diagnostics, 3D imaging of maxillary sinuses and the temporomandibular joint, as well as cephalometric analyses for fellow orthodontics specialists. As of the summer of 2009, we offer the service of 3D imaging on the most contemporary CBCT device. The diagnostic value of these images is a golden standard not only in implant diagnosis, but also in most areas of dentistry. The technology of the conical beam has enabled a 3D view of anatomical structures with a significant decrease in radiation when compared to classic CT devices and it represents the most contemporary approach to dental diagnostics.

Tradition - since 1988

A 20-year-long tradition and the systematic introduction of the most advanced imaging technologies in everyday dental diagnostics places us at the very top of dental radiography in Croatia. All dental imaging is performed on top-quality dental imaging devices with the smallest possible amount of radiation for the patient. We were the first to include digital panoramic imaging and the ConeBeam CT: the pinnacle of contemporary technology with a significant decrease in radiation.

Safety of our patients is our number one priority.

Patient safety comes first. Imaging is performed by specially trained medical radiology technicians with a significant amount of experience in dental radiology, who undergo additional training according to the rules of Dr Lauc Dental Imaging. A multifold decrease in radiation quantities was enabled by advancing to digital technology – making digital panoramic radiographs – which achieves top-quality diagnostic images with the smallest amount of radiation.

Our images have been standardized to meet the needs of those reading them and have the highest diagnostic value. Therefore, we are proud to say that we are the leading dental imaging facility in Croatia. We have achieved this by using the highest quality standards, systematically introducing new technologies, following all the radiation safety rules, and applying a caring attitude towards patients and highly professional principles towards fellow doctors of dental medicine.

  • Sjedište tvrtke: Trenkova 17, Varaždin
  • Tvrtka upisana u trgovački registar: Trgovački sud u Varaždinu
  • Iznos temeljnog kapitala društva: 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti
  • Račun u Zagrebačkoj banci IBAN: HR2223600001102082546
  • Član uprave društva: Izv. prof. doc.dr.sc.Tomislav Lauc, dr.med.dent., specijalist ortodoncije
  • MBS: 080679610
  • MB: 02507315
  • OIB: 80102056925


Learn how to work with us

Are you a medical radiology technician? Are you interested in working in Zagreb or other cities with branches of Dr Lauc Dental Imaging? Seize this opportunity and contact us.
Send us your résumé, a copy of your diploma and a copy of your ID to Dr Lauc Dental Imaging, Ilica 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. We are looking for motivated, friendly and professional young people with computer skills and a will for professional training.